The general terms and conditions of IT2018 apply to the terms and conditions of the EcoIT contract.

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  1. Pricing / Pricess
    1. The offer given by EcoIT is always preliminary and is determined after the final condition inspection (validation) of the equipment. See section 2.1 for examples of fitness class determination.
    2. If the customer has accepted the initial offer given by EcoIT and the products have been processed by EcoIT onwards, then it is no longer possible to cancel the offer by the customer.
    1. Cancellation of the offer / return of the equipment to the customer after the start of the EcoIT process is only possible if a separate written agreement is reached between the parties and accepted by both parties.
  2. Determining the condition of the equipment

2.1 Below are examples of how to determine the fitness class of a device:
Grade A: Hair scratches, large scratches two or less – In good condition
Grade B: Scratches on the screen, safety mark, slightly larger cosmetic marks. – Works without repair
Grade C: Power key defective, Deep scratches on display, Device bent or dented, Display defective but working – Works but requires repair.
Grade D: Device does not turn on (power on), monitor does not work, processor or video card defective, device locked (iCloud, find my phone) – Device not working.

2.2 The customer himself will initially determine the condition of the equipment when submitting a request for quotation to EcoIT. The customer’s assessment does not place any responsibility on the customer or EcoIT, but the final assessment comes after validation by EcoIT. Only after a condition inspection has been carried out will the customer receive a final offer, in which the amount of compensation given for the equipment may change if the condition assessment given by the customer differs from the actual inspected condition of the equipment.

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