Information about the cookies we use on the website

We use cookies on our website to improve the user experience, measure usage and implement marketing. Cookies can be used to facilitate the use of the website, create secure and user-friendly services and target marketing.

Cookies are small text files that the websites you visit store on the terminal you use. When you visit the same site later, they will tell you that you are back. Thus, cookies help to identify the user of the browser and to provide the user with more interesting content and more targeted services on the website.

Usage and performance measurement cookies

We use Google Analytics to track your site and improve your user experience. Measuring website usage is an important part of website development and maintenance. These cookies give us information about how much we use our website and what it is like. We use performance cookies to improve the performance of our website and to help us improve our website. The information collected by them is anonymous. You can read more about how Google uses your information here

Cookies that improve the user experience

Some of our cookies are used to improve the user experience. In some situations, such cookies are necessary to ensure the functionality and security of the online service.

Do you want to delete our cookies?

By changing your browser settings, you can decide for yourself how you want to use cookies. You can disable all cookies, including essential cookies, in your browser settings.

However, many websites require the use of cookies in order to have the best possible user experience. Disabling cookies may also interfere with some features of our website.

Our website may also accept cookies sent by third parties. For example, websites that contain Google ads may store cookies on your computer during your visit. These cookies are handled by third party operators themselves. They report their cookie policies on their own pages.

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